Who are Josh and Lolly?

We are two licensed marriage and family therapists who used to be married to one another. We had a successful marriage for over 17 years and are happily co-parenting our four daughters together. Divorce was our way of supporting and loving one another as Josh fully embraced his gay identity.

Why trust us with your relationship?  Who better to help you navigate difficult relationships than two marriage and family therapists who have created an even more functional, happy, authentic, and inclusive family, despite incredible challenges? 

Please join us as we share both our professional and lived experiences as friends and now with our new spouses. 


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  • "Nobody gets through divorce without having their self esteem completely shattered"--this is a quote we often hear, and we are here to say: it doesn't have to be that way! 

  •  In our divorce course, we walk couples who are ending their relationship through the process of doing it with.

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