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Oh Hi There! We're Josh and Lolly.

We were married for a number of years and had some kids, but then we realized that Josh's gayness meant we had to shake things up. We still raise our kids side by side along with Josh's partner Carlos who lives close by. (Lolly is dating, but hasn't found Mr. Right. When she does he'll be welcomed into the Weed Squad with loving arms.) We're those classic bff's who love to spill tea about relationships, therapeutic concepts, and life in general, which is what this channel is about! We upload episodes every Wed. and Sat. Some videos document our life, some show footage of the difficult transition we made out of our marriage while still remaining besties, and some have relationship advice. (All are real and very entertaining).

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So get comfy, settle in, and enjoy a Weed Sesh!

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