Lessons From Our Divorce

Brief summary of episode:

Josh and Lolly share their experience of being two licensed marriage and family therapists who used to be married to each other, but got divorced because Josh is gay. They discuss his coming out, decision to divorce, things they learned after divorce, and how divorce has impacted their four daughters.


Bullet points of key topics + chapter markers Topic

Topic#1 - Introduction and back story [0:00]

Topic #2 - Past beliefs about being LGBTQ as a Mormon [4:20]

Topic #3 - Josh is not a broken straight person [7:40]

Topic #4 - Accountability about the divorce [12:40] Promo - [22:00]

Topic #5 - Realizations and struggles after divorce [22:33]

Topic #6 - How it Affected our Kids [32:00]

Topic #7 - Changing Relationship with Mormon Faith [43:33]



List of resources, suggested materials, affiliate links, and social media:

Topic #1 - “UnTamed” by Glennon Doyle [40:35]

Topic #2 - Our YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCow2B5WM9cIfJZasrwbPR7w

Topic #3 - Episode sponsored by: Josh and Lolly’s “Divorce Course” 




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