Lessons from our Divorce #2

Name of podcast: Josh and Lolly Podcast

Episode title and number: Lessons from our Divorce #2


Brief summary of episode: Josh and Lolly discuss telling their kids they were getting divorced and continue the discussion of the impact it had on their daughters. They talk about the complicated process of “decoupling” and give a “where are they now” update.


Bullet points of key topics + chapter markers 

Topic #1 - Introduction and recap from previous episode [0:00] 

Topic #2 - Reflections of divorce on children [2:32] 

Topic #3 - How they told their kids Josh was gay and they were getting divorced [6:30]

Topic #4 - “Homestead” - the dream of continuing to live as a family [24:30]

Promo - [27:55]

Topic #5 - Reasons they are glad they got divorced [28:26]

Topic #6 - Current status of Weed Family [34:33]

Topic #7 - Lolly’s process of “letting Josh go” romantically [37:28]


List of resources, suggested materials, links, and social media: 

Topic #1 - Josh’s Blog - https://joshweed.com [16:30]  

Topic #2 - YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/@laurelweed [39:40]

Topic #3 - Our Instagram


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